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Terms of Sale

(1) By submitting a bid, a bidder acknowledges his acceptance of the following terms and conditions and will be bound by them.
(2) The winner of the lot will be the highest bidder. In the case of two conflicting similar bids, the earlier bid will be considered the winning bid.
(3) In case of any complaints or disputes, Nuqud Gallery holds the right to settle the dispute as it thinks best.
(4) Nuqud Gallery holds the rights to cancel a bid, withdraw a lot, or deny a bidder from the auction without any given reason.
(5) A buyer’s premium of twenty percent (20%) (minimum of $4) will be added to the hammer price for each lot won by a bidder. This is applicable for auction sales and not direct e-commerce sales.
(6) All buyers must, only if required, provide proof of identification and references (other auction houses).
(7) Bids can be submitted through the timed auction platform, NumisBids, and email.
(8) The description of the lots is in no way a guarantee. Nuqud Gallery attempts to describe the coin in terms of weight, diameter, grade, and all other information as accurate as possible. The buyer is responsible for examining the photos of the lot and confirming its description.
(9) Lots auctioned by Nuqud Gallery are guaranteed to be genuine, except if the lot(s) is described as a “reproduction” or otherwise stated in the description. Lots that are certified by NGC, PCGS, or ANACS are the responsibility of those companies, and Nuqud Gallery is not responsible for any claim on authenticity for these lots. See line (10) for conditions on returning non-genuine lot(s).
(10) Refunds are not accepted for any reason, except if the lot(s) is proven to be non-genuine and if the lot does not resemble the photo(s), if any. This does not apply to lots which are described as “reproduction” or stated otherwise in their descriptions. In the case of a non-genuine lot(s), the buyer is responsible for safely shipping the lot(s) back to Nuqud Gallery in their original shape, after which a full refund, minus the shipping costs, will be issued. Nuqud Gallery requires a well-known expert’s opinion on a claim on a lot’s authenticity. Nuqud Gallery also holds the right to select an expert. Refunds are only accepted if the buyer submits a claim regarding authenticity within 2 weeks of the delivery date.
(11) Nuqud Gallery acts as an agent between the seller and the buyer, and shall not be held responsible for any default by either party or for any action or claim that may arise in connection with any lot.
(12) (a) Payments for lots are due at the moment an invoice is generated. If payment is not received within 14 days of the conclusion of the auction, extra storage fees may apply. (b) Payment can be made through PayPal or bank transfer. (c) For payments made with PayPal, an additional fee of four and one-half percent (4.5%) will be added to the total invoice amount. (d) For all payment methods, the buyer should make sure that Nuqud Gallery receives the full amount, meaning any fees that may apply should be taken care of by the buyer. If you are not sure what fees may apply, make sure to contact your bank or your transfer agency beforehand. (e) The auctioneer holds the right to deny either method of payment. In this case, a payment by the other method is required. (f) PayPal transactions are in USD (United States Dollar) currency, and bank transfer transactions are in either USD (United States Dollar) currency or AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) currency.
(13) (a) After payment is concluded, the lots are shipped by Nuqud Gallery, and lot pickup is not a possibility. (b) Shipping methods used are registered mail or DHL premium courier. (c) Any fees or problems that may arise in customs of the destination country are of the responsibility of the buyer. (d) Risk of loss is on the buyer. Nuqud Gallery holds no responsibility on orders that are lost in transit or are held in any location. Buyers will not be entitled to a refund if a shipment is lost in transit or held in any location. (e) Nuqud Gallery also holds the right to determine shipping and handling costs on invoices, with $10 USD as a minimum for registered mail to non-GCC countries, $45 USD as a minimum for DHL premium courier to non-GCC countries. Shipping costs are lower for shipments headed to GCC countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

These terms and conditions apply to both auction sales and direct sales.

For any reports/inquiries, please email us at

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