UMAYYAD: Tamim Ibn Zayd Al-'Utbi, silver qandhari dirham (0.33g), Al-Sind, AH 108-112. Obverse "Allah ahad Allah al-samad" ("Allah the one, Allah the eternal absolute"). Reverse "ma amara bihi Tamim Ibn Zayd" ("ordered by Tamim Ibn Zayd"). Tamim Ibn Zayd Al-'Utbi governed Al-Sind under the Umayyads after the reign of Junayd Al-Murri. He was appointed as Wali by the governor of Iraq Khalid Ibn 'Abd Allah Al-Qasri. His reign came to an end in AH 112 for an unclear reason, likely having passed away while en route escaping from Al-Sind, only to be succeeded by Al-Hakam Ibn 'Awana. Unpublished and of immense rarity.

Umayyad, Tamim Ibn Zayd, qandhari dirham, Al-Sind, AH 108-112

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