UMAYYAD: Sulayman Ibn Sulaym Ibn Kaysan Al-Kalbi, silver qandhari dirham (0.37g), Al-Sind, AH 126-132. Obverse text "la ilah illah Allah" ("there is no god but Allah"), reverse text "amara bihi Sulayman Ibn Sulaym" ("ordered by Sulayman Ibn Sulaym"). Sulayman Ibn Sulaym Ibn Kaysan Al-Kalbi is the only known figure in contemporary Islamic history with this name, he is recorded by Al-Tabari in his "History of Nations and Kings" as having been one of the Umayyad generals in Al-Sham (Levant) that advised the governor of Iraq Yusuf Ibn 'Umar Al-Thaqafi. Sulayman also had a role in the aftermath of Al-Walid II's death in AH 126 and the succession of Yazid III, in the same chapter Al-Tabari mentions that 'Amr Ibn Muhammad ibn Al-Qasim had been dismissed from Al-Sind, Al-Tabari then mentions that Mansur Ibn Jumhur was also dismissed after revolting which could likely be the time when Sulayman Ibn Sulaym was acknowledged and had the people of Al-Sind probably pledge allegiance to him, hence his name being mentioned as an authority figure on this coin. Unpublished and of immense rarity.

Umayyad, Sulayman Ibn Sulaym, qandhari dirham, Al-Sind, AH 126-132

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