ABBASID: 'Imran Ibn Musa Al-Barmaki, silver qandhari dirham (0.51g), Al-Sind, AH 220s. Obverse "Allah ahad mimma amara bihi al-marhal" ("Allah is one, from what was ordered by Al-Marhal"). Reverse "muhammadun rasul Allah barmaki" ("Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, Barmaki"). Al-Marhal translates to "the interim" who ruled during an interregnum. 'Imran Ibn Musa Al-Barmaki was with his father Musa in Al-Sind. When Musa passed away, he claimed power during an interregnum when there was a lot of infighting between the Arabs in Al-Sind. 'Imran campaigned against several factions for some time before meeting in arms against 'Umar Ibn 'Abd Al-Aziz Al-Habbari, whose family later governed Al-Sind for more than a century. 'Umar ended up killing 'Imran, not even knowing who he had just killed. Unpublished and of immense rarity.

Abbasid, Imran Ibn Musa, qandhari dirham, Al-Sind, AH 220s

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